Image of fishing in the mountain and at the coast of Norway

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Fishing trips to Valdres and Lillesand in Norway

Stories from the archive

The archive below contain older stories from fishing trips.
New stories can be found in my blog

Date Title
March 17 2014 Flounder and cod in Hoevaag, Lillesand
January 14 2012 Cod in January at Knarvika
October 23 2011 The cod bites at Knarvika/Kvaasefjorden
September 25 2011 Great saithe at Knarvika/Kvaasefjorden
August 26 2011 Trip to Knarvika/Kvaasefjorden
September 02 2011 Shrimp and drama at Knarvika/Kvaasefjorden
July 12 2011 The giant cod!
June 12 2011 To Krossnes / my first ballan wrasse
May 31 2011 Meeting the greater weever