Image of fishing in the mountain and at the coast of Norway

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All about that fishing!

Beautiful mountain trout caught with worm bait in Valdres, Norway

This website of mine contains some information regarding fishing, with lots of beautiful images related to that. You can read stories of old fishing trips in the archive, under the fishing trips section. New stories with photos can be viewed in my blog. There's also included tips about how to fish, under the fishing methods section. Finally I included a xml document, providing different statistics about fish that I have caught.

The author would like to emphasize that this website will only be about fishing from land. The content will mainly focuse on coastal and mountainrange fishing in my home country of Norway.

The fish on this picture is a ballan Wrasse(Bergylte in norwegian), and was a good fight. It was caught with a colorful lure. Ballan wrasse caught in the ocean at Knarvika Høvåg My first ever catch of this beautiful strange fish. At first glanse, I really thought it was a bass, or the likes of norwegian abbor. The ocean and coastal areas hide so much diversity and different kinds of fish, it feels like an adventure each time you throw a lure or bait into the salt waters. It took some searching online, before I actually found out the name of this fellow. It is supposed to be a good fish used for cooking, though still it remains in my freezer:-(.

I hope you enjoy my site with images and stories and hopefully some good tips and advice. As they say in Norway, Skitt fiske!

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