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The beautiful nature becomes a victim of greed and capitalism

A lost world

The later years property building politics, with all its consequences for the beauty of nature and free access to areas, have stolen a lot of the charm of going fishing. It has undoubtedly irritated the author greatly. Fishing in a river near Vaset in ValdresUnfortunately, time changes the world we know and live in way to fast. Capitalistic forces prevail and nature is always the looser.

One of the reasons i wanted to create this website with all its content, is that I found it important to archive and document all my personal memories, and all my experience. I remember 15 years ago and back, when I went fishing, it was a peaceful and giving experience. I usually caught lots more fish that time compared to the present day. You could walk around with complete peace of mind, with no interference from construction noise, rude and pushy people, littered objects, cables, deforrestation etc. I remember sitting in solitary with my coffee, biscuits, just listening to the beautiful quiet surroundings, only inerrupted by the sound of a birds wings breaking the air.
Tendency for the last years move towards a more and more noisy and polluted state. You have the many groups of people, outing they call it, with no respect for nothing. They use their canoes and almost deliberately stake out a course, disrupting your fishing. Its like they have to come toward you and sabotage your fishing, even though there's plenty of space on the water. I have yelled at them sometimes, telling them to not use their boats nearby my area of fishing. Its like shouting to a pine tree, no intelligent answer will be given. I guess respecting other people is a long forgotten skill today, sadly i must say.

In recent times, its sadly getting more and more rare, to experience a quiet and relaxing fishing. Maybe in 20 years from now you'll need to get your ticket, and stand in que.
Especiall near the coast, this madness is impossible not to notice. There's hardly a spot along the coastline anymore, you can fish from. Its always somebodys privat property, it beeing a house, a holiday place, a small pier, private roads thats not accessible or other restricted areas. A fisherman without a boat, wanting to fish fish in the ocean, will undoubtedly experience difficulties locating good spots. You really need to be a good detective and find the secret places. If you on the other hand like to socialize and fish 5 feet away from other people, be my guest. That sounds like a lot of fun, if the intention of going fishing is to recharge your batteries. As for myself, I often go fishing when I want to seek out som privacy and peace of mind.

The lakes that used to be full of fish has had its suffering because of the capitalistic colonization of nature. Lets take one particular lake as an example. The author has spent the last 25 years fishing there, with live worm bait, and enjoyed lots of good moments. New rules has stated that you can no longer use bait for fishing. The reason for this they say, is that they want bigger and better fish in the lakes. You have to release all fish thats under 30 cm. This is because there's so many new cottages built around the lake, and they want to make it more attractive for the wealthy and the rich to go fishing there.

I love to just sit down and relax, while watching around me, and waiting for the fish to take the bait. The new rules implements that you have to use a lure or go flyfishing. Now this kind of fishing is ok with me, but I think they overrun all the fishermen who like to enjoy a more relaxed fishing. I also hardly think that all people can stand upright, casting for minutes and hours. For myself, dealing with some painful back issues, its not an option to fish this way.

Fishing at Nøsen in Valdres

That was a tiny bit of criticism of some development affecting a lake

Anyway, find yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or tea or chocolate, settle back. I hope you will enjoy some of the contents of this website, and maybe you get inspired to get out and try some fishing yourself.